Who owns The Tailored Hair Collection, LLC and how was it formed?

Hi! My name is Tai’Lor. I am twenty-four years young and I own The Tailored Hair Collection, LLC. In fall of 2014, during my freshman year of college at Bowling Green State University I discovered my true talent as an entrepreneur. I graduated college in spring of 2018 with a degree in Criminal Justice— Forensic Investigation; however, I had already decided to be an entrepreneur. I relocated to Charlotte, NC from Bowling Green, OH in summer of 2018 and enrolled in the Natural Hair Care Program at Central Piedmont Community College. Later, I registered my business, The Tailored Hair Collection, LLC and graduated from the natural hair care program in winter of 2018. Then the journey began...


What does The Tailored Hair Collection, LLC offer?

The Tailored Hair Collection, LLC is a growing business that not only provides natural hair care services, hair extensions, custom wigs and natural hair products but that also provides learning opportunities. We love teaching others, whether it’s in launching a business or in wig making we’re here to help. Our slogan is “Tailored to You” because we aim to create an experience that is tailored to each client and customers needs.

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