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Updated: Jun 30

Thinking Mink? Let's look at the qualities of our Mink Brazilian Hair and what we offer... Tailor Made vs Factory Made Wigs | Mink vs Raw Hair | HD Lace vs Transparent Lace

Glueless Wigs

We offer two types of wigs, Tailor Made and Factory Made. They are both made by sewing machine and can be purchased from our Ready To Wear wig collection. Custom wig orders will be available soon. Our bob wigs (up to 12") are typically made with two bundles and longer wigs (up to 30") are made with three bundles. You can also add an extra bundle if you prefer a fuller look.

A Factory Made wig is made by our company vendor. They are constructed quickly with a single straight stitch on a wig cap that usually come in one standard size, (M) 22.5". Factory Made wigs can run large so all wigs come with adjustable straps, a wig comb and an elastic band to achieve a tighter fit.

A Tailor Made wig is made by our owner, Tai'Lor. It's a luxury wig option, that's most preferred by our customers. They come with our HD Film Lace and are neatly constructed with attention to detail on a mesh dome cap with double zig zag stitching. Tailor Made wigs are exclusive, as they come with custom sizing and are available in various head circumference sizes: (XS) 20", (S) 21", (SM) 21.5", (M) 22", (L) 23" or (XL) 23.5". They also come with a built in elastic band for a very comfortable, easy to wear and snug fitting wig.

Hair Bundles

Mink Brazilian is our silkiest, most popular hair. It's collected from multiple donors and comes in a natural dark brown color (#1B). The hair is known to last at least one year or longer with the proper care and maintenance.

It's virgin hair that can be safely lightened to a honey blonde (#27) by a professional. We have five beautiful textures that can seamlessly blend with your natural hair: Silky Straight, Kinky Straight, Curly Coily, Kinky Curly, Body Wave. All Body Wave and Silky Straight hair is in stock and ready to be shipped or picked up in Chesapeake, VA.

Lace Closures

Our High Definition (HD) Film Lace creates the most natural look. It creates an illusion of invisibility and can blend with any skin tone. This type of lace is very thin and can be fragile but with the proper care it has been known to last for years. Our Transparent Swiss Lace is thicker and less fragile but it requires more manipulation than HD Lace to achieve a natural look. If you notice thinning or balding over time, be sure to send your wig in for a lace replacement.

We recommend you send your wig in for a lace replacement every year and we also recommend you send your wig in for maintenance every six weeks. We're here to help you care for your wig, this will increase its longevity. Not only can we replace the lace, but we can deep condition the hair, color it, restyle it and more.

Coming Soon

Raw Indian is our thickest, most luxurious hair. It's collected from one donor and is unprocessed making no bundle exactly alike. Its natural color can vary from medium light to dark brown (#2), and it's been known to last for years. Stay tuned for the Raw Indian release date!

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