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Updated: Dec 26, 2020

Are you interested in purchasing but unsure of what to get? If so, keep reading because this blog was made just for you. We will be learning about the differences between a few of our products so let's get started... Tailor Made vs Factory Made | Mink vs Raw | High Definition vs Standard Lace

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We offer two types of wigs, Tailor Made and Factory Made. They come custom per your request or from our Ready To Ship wig collection.

A Factory Made wig is made by our company vendor. They are constructed quickly with a single straight stitch on a wig cap and come in sizes (S) 21.5", (M) 22.5", (L) 23.5" and (XL) 24". Factory Made wigs come with combs, adjustable straps and an elastic band to create a more snug fit.

A Tailor Made wig is made by our owner, Tai'Lor. They are luxury wigs and are preferred amongst most Naturalistas. They are neatly constructed with care and attention to detail on a mesh dome cap with a double zig zag stitch for security. Tailor Made wigs come in sizes (XS) 20", (S) 21", (M) 22", (L) 23" and (XL) 23.5". They come with a built in elastic band making the wig very comfortable, secure and snug fitting.


We supply hair bundles, wigs, lace pieces, and ponytails. Click here to see the different Hair Textures.

Mink Brazilian (right) is our silkiest, most popular hair. It's collected from multiple donors and comes in a natural dark brown color (1B). The hair is known to last at least one year or longer with the proper care and maintenance.


Raw Indian (left) is our thickest, most luxurious hair. It's collected from one donor and is unprocessed making no bundle exactly alike. Its natural color can vary from (1B-2), and it can last for years. It is truly a great investment and is the best type of hair to color. Take a look at one of our signature Raw Indian Wigs, Reece.

We recommend you send your wig in for maintenance every 4-6 weeks. This will increase its longevity. We can replace the lace, deep condition the hair, color it, restyle it and so much more. Click here to see a lace replacement and wig maintenance service.


We recommend you choose High Definition (HD) Lace because it will create the most natural look. It creates an illusion of invisibility and will blend with any skin tone. This type of lace is very thin and can be fragile but with the proper care it has been known to last at least a year. Although, it should be replaced every 4-6 months.

We also have Swiss Lace available and there are two types, transparent and standard. Transparent lace will blend best on light skin tones and standard lace will blend best on medium to dark skin tones. This type of lace comes in a light brown. Swiss lace requires more manipulation when installing, as it is thicker.

Use our Lace Concealer, Styling Foam and Edge Wrap to lay your lace!

Click here for extra help

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