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Why should you start retailing?

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

1. Retail has a much higher profit margin than service sales do. It provides the security of a part time job.

2. Products from The Tailored Hair Collection will make you known as the "miracle worker" to your clients. When using our natural hair products, you will be able to grow their hair faster than you would using common hair store products. Your clients will love and appreciate you for this.

3. Your client retention will increase 30% every time you sell retail. They will love the results in their hair growth, and become returning clients and customers.

4.  Selling retail is part of the service. If you do not provide the client with a way to maintain and grow their hair, YOU ARE NOT FULLY SERVICING THEM. Selling retail is doing them a favor. You are the professional and know what is best for their hair.  Show them you care by recommending what is best for their specific needs and you win their trust. Win their trust and you have a fan. And fans pay your bills.

How to Retail?

First, You want to at least double the unit price of the product to make your initial investment back and a profit.

Then, you want to choose a selling strategy..

  1. You can increase your service prices and include the product with the service.

  2. You can use the product through out the service and educate them on why its important to have at home.

  3. You can ask them about their problem areas and suggest the products that will help.

For more information and wholesale pricing click here.

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