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First Time Wig Wearer?

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

You may be wondering, "How do I decide which wig is best for me?" and if so, this blog was made just for you. Now lets get into the main three types of wigs we provide for our customers.


This wig is designed to leave a section of your natural hair out. If you are wanting a full protective, low maintenance style this is not the wig for you. This wig may require heat to your natural hair or daily styling and maintenance.


This wig type is most popular at The Tailored Hair Collection, LLC and it is perfect for first time wig wearers. It's made to be glue-less and removable. This wig can be very low maintenance and fully protects your hair. We recommend this type of wig for your every day go to style.


This type of wig is great for special occasions. It's versatile in style but usually requires glue because it comes with a lace piece that goes from ear to ear, unlike a lace closure wig. Therefore this wig can be high maintenance and you should know how to work with lace before choosing this type of wig.

We recommend first time wig wearers to get a basic lace closure wig, like Jane. This type of wig is low in maintenance, easy to install, does not require adhesive and can be removed daily.

Still need help choosing the perfect wig for you? Book a wig consultation, we are here to help.

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